Elite Stunters Freeroam Stunt/Gangs/DM/Minigames

Short introduction:

Elite Stunters Freeroam [ESF] is a stunt gamemode with tons of features for players to enjoy. It offers minigames such as Cops & Robbers, racing, derby and challenges like skydive, NRG and BMX challenges, just to name a few.

Minigames: (This subsection will provide a short overview of all the minigames the gamemode has to offer.)

Derby (/derby): Compete on a set of 9 unique and different destruction derby maps, each with its own special vehicle. Ram other players, knock them off or destroy their vehicles, be the last one standing and win the day!
Race (/race): Race against other players through 8 tracks divided up into checkpoints and be the first one to reach the last checkpoint to win. All the players who finish in places 1-5 are rewarded with appropriate amounts of money and score.
CNR (/cnr): The traditional Cops & Robbers minigame. Each team is divided into classes players can play as. The Robbers team consists of the Robbers and Pro Robbers classes, while the Cops team consists of the Cops, Army and SWAT (VIP-only) classes. Each class differs in weapons and skins it uses. Robbers' objective is to wreak havoc and rob various stores around Las Venturas, while the Cops are there to stop and arrest (or kill) them. Careful hunting!
ColorMatch (/colormatch): Prepare for a coordination test in this one. The minigame is played on a 3x3 platform, with each tile making up the entire platform being colored differently. The objective is simple: follow the colors displayed on the screen and don't fall!
Fallout (/fallout): Be the last man standing on a platform consisting of tiles which fall one after another. Make sure to find a stable tile to stand on each time to keep yourself alive.
Gungame (/gg): A leveled minigame, this one brings your deathmatch skills to the test. Start off with a silenced pistol and progress through various weapons by killing other players. Each kill rewards you with a new weapon, replacing the previous one. Be the first one to kill another with the Desert Eagle and win!
Team Deathmatch (/tdm): Battle your way as a member of Spetsnaz or Rangers through 6 maps specifically designed with team vs. team combat in mind. Kill as many members of the other team as you can and lead your team to victory!

Challenges (This subsection will provide an overview of all the special challenges in the gamemode, finishing which rewards players with money and score.)

Skydive (/skydive1-/skydive7): Test your agility and responsiveness in the intense Skydive challenges. Grab a parachute, jump and avoid the obstacles on your way to the finish checkpoint.
Bike Challenge (/bikec): Navigate your bike through a set of traps and challenging ramps and jumps to the finish line.
BMX Challenges (/bmx and /bmx2): Bunny hop your way to the top.
Hayclimb (/hayclimb): Climb many, many haystacks to reach the final checkpoint.
NRG (/nrg): A challenge highly similar to the Bike Challenge. Use your NRG to test your biking abilities and reach the top of the map.
Infernus Paradise (/ip and /ip2): TrackMania-inspired challenges that test your skills with loops, long jumps and daring wallrides.

Deathmatch (This subsection will introduce you to various deathmatch arenas in the gamemode.)

Deathmatch Arena #1 (/dm): Located on the Las Venturas Bandits Stadium, in this arena your Sawn-Off Shotgun and Desert Eagle skills will be put to the test.
Deathmatch Arena #2 (/dm2): This one is located in the Bayside Marina. Desert Eagle, Pump Shotgun and Sniper are the weapons used.
Deathmatch Arena #3 (/dm3): You will be throwing grenades and evading chainsaws left and right in the Greenglass College courtyard.
Deathmatch Arena #4 (/dm4): K.A.C.C. Military Fuels does not serve only as a refinery.
Deathmatch Arena #5 (/dm5): Bring your rifle and Desert Eagle pistol, because it's about to get wild high up in the sky.
Sawnoff DM (/sawn): This arena is also located on the Bandits stadium, with Sawn-Off being the only weapon available for use. Bring your best 2x2 game.
Rocket DM (/rocket): Rocket Launcher is the go-to weapon here, though it's not the only thing that can kill you in this arena.
Sniper DM (/sniper): This name is just as self-explanatory as the one for Rocket DM. A deathmatch arena on a custom map with sniper being the only weapon usable.
War (/war): An unrestricted deathmatch arena. Fight your way through Area 51, find a Rhino, Hydra or a Hunter and dominate the battlefield!

Major features (This subsection will list most of the major server features that fall into the miscellaneous categories.)

Toys (/o): Toys can be used to personalize your skin entirely to your liking. Various objects from the game files and SA-MP addons have been added and can be used as toys (i.e. shades, hats, guns etc.).
Radio streams (/radio): Various radio stations that span across 8 genres have been picked by our administrators and can be played by anyone on the server. You can also start your own custom stream, provided it's in a .pls or .mp3 format.
Maps: Along with the many challenges, our server is home to plenty of unique stunt zones, fun maps, jumps and more. You can also enhance your stunting experience with the usage of SpeedBoost (/sb) and Super Jump (/sj).
Achievements (/ach): We have implemented a unique achievement system, setting goals for players to reach as they play. There is a grand total of 35 achievements spanned over 11 different categories for players to achieve.
Gangs: Players can join or create gangs. Gangs can engage in gang warfare with one another, with over 40 zones to capture across the entire state of San Andreas. Ranks can be assigned to other members within a gang, and with advancement come more commands and features for players to discover. It is entirely up to you whether you will join the best or become the best.
VIP system (/vip): Players who contribute to the server through donations are given the VIP status. VIP players are given access to plenty of special features and commands, few of which are spawning a Jetpack, changing their chat color and receiving access to special areas and vehicles.
Admin Control Panel: This is one of the website features, rather than in-game features. It gives admins an extensive view of the entire community, with plenty of other features to it.


Take a look at some of the things mentioned above in this promotional video.

Server Promotional Video


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